Is this something that should be added as a field/drop down?

Here is an article and why it may be important:

I've noticed some entries have added this information to the notes field.

Until we get some sort of functional sorting system and master release capability to the DB, this will only create more of an unusable mess than we already have.
Furthermore, we should ask whether anyone really cares about this. I for one do not.

Another vote for master release.
Do not think it should be a field but possibly a thing that could be checked off in the future (like how picture disc is on discogs)
I've been adding all the "Chick Tracts" those weird little religious mini comics but haven't gotten into variants for just this reason.
I could care less about mainstream super-hero comics after say 1986 but would guess this is where the most interest on this sight would eventually be. People care about variants to various degrees. I could care even less about what pressing plant my Beatles 45 came from but lots of people REALLY care.
So yes they should be listed separate but not until a "Master" option is available imo.
Interesting dorky article. Speaking of dorks if anyone has any Chick tracts over 10 years old get a hold of me (don't worry I am fascinated by this stuff in the same way Henry Darger fascinates me)

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