You need to add more genre choice.
'Western' for comics like Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt, Ringo Kid, etc.
'Occult' would also be a good addition.

+1 . Another vote for genre additions, particularly Western

Another vote for additional genres. Occult and western is good. Also maybe allow for muliple genre, such as Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Some books fit into several genre.

question kinda related to this comment chain. I'm in the process of adding a bunch of Disney comics. Mickey, Donald, etc. Is the term "funny animal" a generally used one? Should I just call these childrens, or something else?

Also, where would stuff like Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and Time Tunnel fit? Sci-fi, I suppose?

Could we get 'Drama' added to the Genres, please?

If we're going for more genres then we definitely want to be able to combine them. Horror is already there and Occult is closely related ... as are Superhero and Fantasy imo. Are there definitions for each of these genres?

While I'm on the subject, are there definitions for the formats and types? I can't decide what format and type a standard superhero comic should be and how that would differ from a softback collection from the likes of 2000AD. (I'm thinking 'comic book' and 'softcover' for both at the moment.)

Still no Western genre... It would be handy. There are huge number of Western comics out there.

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