What do you think about this two points?

  1. I think that will be good to add the different kinds of manga genre.

  2. Too will be good to put alias for differents lenguages. Japanese names for exemple, will be nice to have a other entry for alias or something like this. Because Taiyou Matsumoto in Japanese is 松本大洋.

I think these are great ideas!

  1. For the manga genres, do you think it's necessary to call them "Kodomo manga", for example, or would "Kodomo" work as well?

  2. Yes! I imagine that we will have the aliases work like they do on Discogs, where an Artist will have a list of aliases in English, Japanese, and whatever other language is accurate for their artist history. Kumi Koda is a good example: http://www.discogs.com/artist/112801-Kumi-Koda

Maybe better, call them **** manga, so anyone know that is a manga book.

You make a good point. Maybe if we had a new field for "Type" of comic where we could label it as a manga would make more sense, since manga is a style of comic, not a genre. We could use "Type" for indicating whether it's a manga, graphic novel, original graphic novel, limited edition, etc.

  • a point to think about:
    don't forget manhwa (the Korean brother of manga) then as own category.

would manga as a "category" (don't know a better English word to describe it) be equal with "graphic novel"? simply naming a style?

Yes, great suggestion!

Yes, Manga would be naming a style, such as Graphic Novel, Original Graphic Novel, Manga, Manhwa, comic book, and comic strips. Do you think it would be better to call it "Style" or "Type" of comic?

Good question...have to think about it, as much as about the depth and content of "style" or "type".

If coming to factual and formal use of these both words I would prefer "type", it's more basic (neutral), as "style" on the other hand would suggest rules behind it (at least in my view) which could question what manga etc. is, and that for sure would die-hard fans or stereotype-fanatics find useful to start endless debates.

I agree with you. I will add "Type" to the list of additions for the subform! If any other "Types" should be added to the list, feel free to post them as you think of them. Thanks!

"Type" of comic has been added to the subform!

Perfect, so the style of kind of manga will be added too?

Yes! I'm working on that next!

On another note, are there Manhwa-specific styles?

Should we also add Manhua (Chinese) to the list?

No idea.

I've added Manhua, we'll see if that's helpful in the future for anyone.

I've been thinking about maybe incorprating the manga style as a "demographics" selection. We have current comics in the US with, for example, a T+ (Teen Plus) rating, and we could incorporate all demographics that are indicated on comics into that field.

Yes, I think will work.

Or change geners field if the comic is a manga will work too.

Kodomo Manga? Nope. Shōnen, Shoujo, Seinen, Dōjinshi, Yonkoma - yeah.
But take a note, Shōnen, Shoujo, Seinen are not a genres, but target audience.
Dōjinshi it's a fan made manga (usually based on other works, like 'alt universe' with different ending, or adult content).
Genres are a different story, because manga ussualy doesn't focus on 1 genre.

It would be great to have a filter for manga.
One more thing. Many countries has their translations. Discogs has great solution for this, so I have a suggestion for you.
Main (master) release should be ALWAYS original Japanese one with Japanese title (romaji+kanji subtitle if it's possible) and then links for foreign releases, something like:

Oh wait, post from 2 years ago? I thought that this is a new portal.

Do you think a field labeled "target audience" would make sense for the submission form? I'm curious if that phrasing would fit the T+ ratings as I mentioned above as well.

Will we need the genre field to be multi-select rather than going with a style segment like on Discogs for music genres/styles?

Would fan made manga be its own category in the Type drop-down or is there another identification method that would be more appropriate here for manga?

Great thought about the master releases there. I think that makes sense.

  • Master release are necessary for sure, I thought that will be do it in a short time, I stopped to upload mangas because I thought that all this project (comicogs) was abandoned.

  • So manga is like the genre, and shonen, shoujo, seinen, mecha will be the style.

To be honest "target audience" tells LITERALLY nothing, because many "seinen" tagged things are actually all ages stories and many (not all of course) shoujo romances (for example) are written for much more matured (not in sexual context) people actually.

You can take a look on this (left sidebar):

The best thing to do is just tag it by genres (slice of life, romance, sci-fi, horror etc). Not one, of course, because in manga it doesn't have any sense (I don't know how it works in western comics, because I'm not a fan of western comics, I know a few series and all of them were just focused only on 1 thing - thriller, superheroes etc).

But I don't think that will be a genre equal that others.. because a Moebius comic is too for adults like seinen, but is a western comic so is not seinen because seinen is only for manga type of comic.

Maybe will be better give a taxonomy as appear here. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Comics_genres) and see what genres work with a type of comic.

What I mean, that maybe I didn't explain well, is that manga will have more or differents genres than an another type of comic.

For example, if you have a Moebius in a western comic type genre will be science fiction, adult and drama for example.

But if was a manga type this will have science fiction, adult, drama and too seinen.

@rascal.pl @gerardsm Thanks for the references and insight!

I've passed along a feature request to allow multi-select for Genres. Once we have a multi-select option, it sounds like we'll be more accommodating to Manga. Once we have that option, would it make sense to list the "target audience" options under the "Genre" drop-down? So Manga entries could look like: "Genres: Science Fiction, Adult, Drama, Seinen"?

Hi @nessfan,

For one side, you have the type/format of comic.. where user can select if is a Manga, graphic novel.. etc etc

Other side you have the genre.. science fiction.. drama.. comedy... this selector has to be multiselector, because a comic can be drama & science fiction.

By other hand, is the user select a manga there have to be a selector to choose what kind of manga is, seinnen, mecha, shōnen, whatever.. but this is not a multiselection as genre, in this case user can only choose one. One piece, bleach, dragon ball will ever be a shonen, and Akira or Tekkon Kinkrreet will be a seinnen.

And rifht now, the other thing that's miss is the doujin manga, this kind of manga are realizes by fans, working on parallel universe or alternative finals., Some times with license others without for exemple all the work of Young Jiji with Dragon Ball After. (After this, Akira Toriyama taje young jijii on his team and he stay yeat realizing doujins about dragon ball parallel universe)

Right now I'm on ny way to work, so when I have some time, today or next week I will do some diagram to explain me better.

Btw.. other thing to add wil be to the forum responsive.

For example...

The Incal (Moebius)
Graphic Novel
Science Fiction.

Dragon Ball Z (Akira Toriyama)
Shonen, Adventures

Dragon Ball After (Young Jijii)
Shonen, Adventures.

Sunny (Taiyou Matsumoto)
Seinen, Drama.

@NessFan more or less. But is it possible to show some genres only if you select "manga"?
For example slice of life / daily life is a crucial genre for a manga, but I don't know if any western comics could be tagged as "slice of life". Same goes to things like "mecha", "idol", "school", "ecchi" etc. And then we have a target audience - seinen, shounen etc shouldn't appear in a list when someone select "comic" instead of "manga".

For example 70% of "school" manga is targeted to older audience, so in many cases "school" appears alongside with "seinen". There is no problem with mixing fantasy with sci-fi, serious drama with comedy etc. It's a little hard to explain, but multi-selection for tags is a must. Same goes to mentioned earlier "master releases". Without master releases there will be huge mess in database (soon or later).

Yes is totally as @rascal.pl say.

Later I do a diagram.

One thing that can work well is that in the design when a comic is a manga appears like this..

Type: Manga (Seinen) (With a link on seinen, linking up with a seinen category as discogs with genres.)

Here you have, I hope this will be helpful.


Interesting! Nice diagram, that is definitely helpful. It actually reminds me of how "Format" works on Discogs right now. When you select Vinyl, a bunch of Vinyl-specific subfields and options become available for selection; CD has its own sub-options, etc. I imagine something similar here could work out long-term?

I'm wondering if there's anything we can do short-term to make the Beta submission form more Manga friendly, too? Looking forward to your replies, thanks!

Hey @nessfan

I think the priority will be more important to less..

  • Master release (Almost all manga come from Japan, and we read occidental releases of these)
  • Type of manga, genre and if is a doujinshi.

Right now for exemple.. sunny vol 1 is duplicated one is the japanese and the other one is the north american version.

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