...especially when it comes to numbering?
I especially want to know how I make it clear within the title - or ignore this?
(sorry, if that topic already came up, I didn't find it, nor did the wiki help me)

The way it is handled at the moment gives me the crepes (as a librarian), and I don't want to submit hundreds of comic books wrong.
If the database wants to be useful one day in future, this must be clear. If I'm looking for a special Micky Maus, I don't want to have thousand entries where I have to know the cover to find it at all.
So, please give an advice!

two examples:
...both are #28 at the moment, and shown without clear difference within the search result table...though, obviously...they are not the same book.

Should the names of German magazines like Micky Maus or Fix&Foxi that don't have a linear numbering)
"Micky Maus - 1990-01", "... - 1990-02", or "Micky Maus 01-1990",

Is this (for example) a valid entry-name?
(that this book is English #8, is not on the cover)

Thanks for a few words on this topic.

No ideas? Opinions?
I'd like to start ;)

one example within the series Mickyvision

which title/series/vol - version is best?
(or nearest to comicogs rules)

This doesn't answer your question exactly, but I thought I'd mention it.


Above is a thread where I asked about handling unusual numbering and titling of issues. I never really got any answers that were fully satisfactory to me.

The standard advice is "exactly as stated in the indicia"

It seems that in the case of those you linked to, they would be seperate series, based on their identical number, but different years. I was told that this would not warrant creation of a separate series, so the volume would be the way the differentiate them, but this violates the rule of entering data as it is shown on paper. So, in short, I don't know, and you're not the only one that has wondered about this.

Ok, seems that thoughts have to be directed on the volume entry field.

I thought about making the volume entry in these ways: 1990-01, or 1990/01 (keeping the title just "Mickyvision", "Micky Maus", "Beavis & Butt-head"), but I fear (without a strict and binding rule) that this will create a wasteland of versions even with only one single second submitter. When he likes his entry in this way #01 - 1990, we will end (or be busy) with years of cleaning and polishing, and even more grave: a visitor/new submitter who wants to browse the database to see if his book already exists as entry won't ever find it and anything.

Don't want to think about this 2nd/3rd/Repr. problem among the more book-like comics.


other possible way (but with certain disadvantages in handling as well):
create a volume for every year.
title: Micky Maus
volume: 1990
issue: 1

Thanks for pointing this out, this is indeed less than ideal for issues that aren't differentiated by title. We're looking into this, I'll have an update shortly

Are there news/ideas about this issue already?

My feeling on this would be that the volume would be used to represent the year ... like we do with Annuals, for example.

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