We've just made some improvements to the image uploader. You can now:
- upload multiple images at once
- drag and drop images from your files or another browser window
- view your uploaded images before hitting save
Give it a try and let us know what you think!

I like the new uploader. My only criticism is there is now a extra click when entering multiple db issues because previously the 'edit one like this' was on the same screen.

I like it, works good. I like to add images for covers of all the reprints as well as variant covers.

Can someone correct images that were uploaded sideways due to a bug 2 years ago?
ex: https://www.comicogs.com/comic/10559-seweoleun-heulreodo
I remember the bug was also on discogs, but was fixed.

Hi tam89rds, those images should all be straightened out for you now. Let me know if we missed any!

Thanks for catching those, tam89rds. Should all be the right way round now!

Great job!! Thanks a lot!

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