So, I'm just starting to submit to Comicogs. Long time Discogs contributor. I've collected comics for longer than music. In Discogs, the record title makes sense. For comics, making the main title the story name does not make sense to me. To me, it should be "The Incredible Hulk #100", for example. The story title should be a secondary thing, but not the primary identifier. Just my first impression feedback.

That was my initial impression too but, as I've entered issues into the system, I've come to appreciate being able to add the story title. It's a little bit of extra information, to my mind, that enriches the record. After all, the series and issue are already available in other field.

Perhaps the name should be changed to reflect more accurately the intent?

Thanks for the reassurance. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Just a first impression of something different.

It does make finding issues when entering collections difficult though. Collections list issue numbers and not story names.

A week in and I still think having the story as the primary identifier is terrible. It makes searching difficult. When you look at the series page, they're all out of order because they get sorted by title instead of issue. I don't like looking at my own collection page because of this either.

thanks for the feedback djaeon. The title as the primary identifier is something that will stay.

But we do plan to improve the filtering, searching and sorting on series and credit pages which would presumably address your concerns?

If there was an option that I could turn on to always sort everything by series then issue number (maybe series, volume, then issue number), I believe that would fix the only problem I have with Comicogs. Everything else is great.

The title thing threw me off when I first began entering also. I have to admit that I never really paid attention to the title of the comic when I read them. I just started reading them. Anyway, entering the title does help prevent duplicating. As soon as the same title comes up it lists those already entered. For searching though, no doesn't work because who knows what the title is.

Very true. Story titles do help cut down on duplicates:)

I'm going to kick this thread off again. I have just entered more details on and one of those changes was to the title. Now, in my opinion, this entry is missing the crucial identifying piece of information, ie the title that is printed on the cover.

I think there is a need for a second title entry, say "cover title". This definitely applies to these Secret Origins issues and also, to my mind, the DC villains week issues in the New 52.

So, can we have a "cover title" field please?

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