My question is how to cope with this issue.
...contains books from two countries/languages. 3x German, 1x English.
I'm not sure if that's handy or not.
(but it's not grave in this case, I would say)

So, I chose a more reasonable example where there are hundred of comic books existing worldwide.
Is a/the series "Garfield" supposed to include comic books from all over the world (given that it is not renamed), or do we have to consider to create one series for each language/country's edition?
If so, how to mark this: name the series Garfield (German)?

same issue here:

...I will put the 20 volumes of the coloured German edition into this series, but it feels not a way.

I can't believe that translations of an original language series would constitute a new series. That would make no sense and presumably isn't the intention anyway because language is an issue- level field as far as I can tell from the UI

Actually this relates to my query regarding the data model earlier this week

It's not just about translation, but a completely different layout, book size...etc.
I'm not feeling comfortable to have twenty Garfield #1 gathered under one series "Garfield": first is English and softcover, next is German and a collection of the best strips of the whole year 1978, next is Spanish (etc.)

Besides, I don't have a good solution for that...apart from Garfield (English), Garfield (German)...and I know that this looks odd and might lead into a jungle of fictional series, kategories and sorting folders that only insiders know and that will kick every casual submitter in the butt.

I think the series should be sortable, or sub- selectable, based on some of the individual issue characteristics. This would solve that problem, I think.

What would it mean in my example Garfield?

hey everyone, good question. I would suggest using the same series (and adding a name variation if the series name has been translated).

I think the series should be sortable, or sub- selectable, based on some of the individual issue characteristics.

We indeed plan to eventually provide this sort of functionality on a series page (and credits, publishers) etc. This would mirror the filtering currently available on the browse and search pages.

This will make it easier to find specific versions, to see only the translations of a specific language. Thanks for your patience with this issue.

Just want to point on the topic with an fresh example that this might face trouble. entry is from me (German), the second was done yesterday.

What now? Merge the series, leave these entries as they are? (till a mod/admin in far future has to clean/arrange the databank)
In second step: make stricter rules what to do, what would be nice?

To me, those are the same story/issue/book, just in different languages

Yes, I agree. The submitter didn't check the database for existing entries and made another. So, is it my task to correct this? Write to the submitter?
Do we leave such little things for other time as the current state of the database is not ready for polishing the entries?
(to clear it when?)

I've added the existing German comic books including the works of Peter Bagge and his character Buddy.

After what was written above, I'm not sure if I CAN handle them as ANV of the original series "Hate" or not.
To note: "Leck Mich!" and "Krass!" are not translations of the word "Hate".

So, should I make ANVs of Hate (series) or are they fine when kept separated?

Seems I'll have some work to do changing some of my submitted series to ANV's then. Speaking of which, does changing a credit or series title still remove all the associated ANVs? It used to do that before, so I'd like to know if it still does that so that I don't accidentally remove any data when doing edits.

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