How should I enter which contains two stories? I've given the title of the first story as the title of the issue but then there's nowhere to add the second story title or, indeed, the credits for the second story, which is dissimilar from the first. Thanks

This is where I think having "Story" as the primary identifier is problematic. I've been entering stuff for a few days now, and I still think the Series field should be primary with Issue next to that.

The guidelines say that you can just enter the first Story for issues that contain multiple, but that still doesn't seen right to me. I think you should have the ability to add multiple Story titles and that field(s) should be a tertiary priority (under series and issue #).

I'm inclined to agree tbh. I personally refer to issues by series, volume and issue number. The actual story name, being inside the comic, is hidden and only revealed when flipping through an issue. Even mote problematic when there's additional text on the cover that could also be construed as a story title, cf Green Lantern Gorilla Warfare multi-part story.

Just as a note: so far, I separated two stories with a "slash" means this: /
title: Story 1 / Story 2 / ... / ...

If that's a good, I don't know yet.

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