How is this used? Is it for book that have a collection of say; Batman, Detective Comics?

If you're entering a TPB that collects 10 issues, you would enter those 10 issues there.

Thanks, that is what I was thinking looking at the example. How do I enter the collected issues though. There isn't any "collects" direction in the wiki section on entering. I can see some others have entries already but don't match the ones I need to enter.

Type in the title of the issue you're looking for. A number of suggestions may be displayed. Use the view link to disambiguate. Note that if there are too many matching names you might not be able to see the entry you want due to current limitations, as I understand things.

Thanks, I'll try it out. So far I have been entering reprints & collections individually in the notes and adding an image of the original. It's a bit time consuming.

Lol tell me about it. I have only managed to enter cover pictures for all my physical copies so far, let alone all the details of each ... and then the digital issues are still to be entered!

Are you using the dc & marvel wikia websites for your images? At first I didn't know about the websites and was taking pics with my phone, cropping & uploading to the site. Their images are clearer and they have all of them along with some credit info that isn't always listed in the comic.

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