What role should be given to someone who is cited as being the story or plot creator? By this I don't mean author as that is cited separately on the issues I'm currently considering. I also assume it's not writer and I wonder whether it should be creator or something else?

Additionally how do we define the difference between author and writer?

This is where I first encountered this citation


I would say 'Creator' with the submission form in its current state, but maybe Story or Plot credit as well?

I've used 'creator' for now. The dropdown doesn't supply either 'story' or 'plot' though.

Sorry that was a typo from me, I was meant to ask if 'Story' or 'Plot' should be added to the dropdown as well as 'Creator' - what do you think?

I'd say yes to that although some guidance as to the differences would probably be necessary

"Plotter" is already an option. Maybe that should be changed to plot? I've also seen "Finishes" as a credit regularly paired with "Breakdowns". Breakdowns is an option already, so maybe Finishes should be added as well.

Nice find with Plotter, I totally missed that one myself. Good suggestions with changing it to Plot and adding Finishes, will see what we can do

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