I am in the process of cleaning up & correcting or adding info on my submissions. The way the page numbers on the bottom are set up I have to go about every 5 pages to skip and it is getting pretty time consuming as I am up to around page 32.
Any way to make the page numbering a little easier to skip through? Did that make any sense?
thanks, Matt

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the suggestion, that's a valid request. I'll add that to our backlog. In the meantime as a workaround, you can edit the page numbers in the URL to speed things up;
e.g. If you're on page 2 [https://www.comicogs.com/browse/comic?page=2] and you want to be on page 32, you can type that into your URL to navigate to that page [https://www.comicogs.com/browse/comic?page=32].
It's not the best solution, but it should save you some time for now. Hope that helps!

Wow! thanks, that is a huge time saver. It will work for now. I'm not bad on the computer but never up to speed on the little time saving tricks.

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