hi guys, I know you have a lot of items to work on so how about another; Reprint issue sections. I have been going through and adding reprint info: title, series, image etc and it would easier if you had it already set up. I have been putting the issue, title in the notes which is not the best approach. Some of these comics have up to 6 reprint comics. I have been entering the credits, characters, locations for the reprints after the current issue data.
Just a thought moving forward to keep the data as detailed as possible.

hey mlopinto, what form would this take? A field to enter which print run or reprint a specific comic is?

Maybe something that looks like the comments section where the info entered would have a smaller image, "reprint details", the title, series, issue, volume, publisher, date. The other info: language, genre, type maybe not necessary and credits could go with main credits. If that would be too confusing then a mirror of all the info entered for the main title. It would need more than one reprint section as some issues have more than one reprint title.

Yes I've been conflicted on this subject. I've probably missed some guidance regarding the single date field but I've been entering the reprint date there. I think some more date fields would be am improvement especially as copyright date won't match printing in this instance. More dates like on bookogs please :)

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