Back submitting and I see there's a new option to add the comics contained within the collected edition. However, there's a problem. Issue numbers aren't in the titles.

So, I've added the first Captain Britain paperback collection including all the stories from the Captain Britain Weekly. None of these are in the system. So there's nothing to select. Do I leave it blank or do I just add the name as I have done (which creates a comic of that name with no issue number).

Also, when the comic is in the system, such as this one: (which is in Volume 3 that I'm adding now), it's virtually impossible to find in the dropdown because there's no issue number, just a tiny image. To find it, I'd have to click through each and every link until it comes up.

This doesn't work.


Another problem - I'm adding a different version of the "Say you want a revolution" collected edition of the first 8 issues of The Invisibles. They're in the system, but not in the dropdown - how do I add them?

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