I've come across some comics with no title inside. I have noticed on the wikia forum that sometimes the cover title is used or a variation. An example is The New Avengers Vol 1 16 has no title. https://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/New_Avengers_Vol_1_16.
However, when I added New Avengers Vol 1 Vol 1 48 https://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/New_Avengers_Vol_1_48 . I changed the title they had of "1st Story" to "Dark Reign (Part 1)". I received an email from the moderator: "Story titles are only listed if they actually appear within the comic itself because sometimes they don't match what's on the cover, so the cover is considered promotional rather than official. From DC I received this: "I think this is about DC and Marvel, where I've seen you around? I don't know about Marvel, but we don't really have a policy on it on DC. Best just leave it blank, thus making it 1st story."
I agree to a degree with the logic. However, in my collection alone there are already about a dozen of comics titled: "1st Story".
Thanks, Matt

I've just added Ultimate End series - I put Ultimate End as the title of the first and that with a number for the other four. They don't have story titles.

1st Story makes no sense. 1st of what?

I'm not calling them 1st story, the folks at fandom call comics with no clear title within the story as "1st Story" which makes it complicated for this site.

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