Thanks mlopinto,
As discussed in the other merging thread, we prefer to keep variants separate.
With regards to Ernie Chan/Ernie Chua - wondering if this should be treated as an alias rather than merging? We've just updated the guidelines on Bookogs to include this for credits, might apply here too:

oh and merged those Detective Comics dupes - thanks!

Got it, thanks! (he seemed to go by Al more often) (again seems to go by Artie more often) (name sp) (name sp) (not sure what this is) (I updated this category to include image, notes, link for the series)

Sorry for the mix up:
this is the one that should be used:

merge the other 2 above or delete, there are no issues listed in them.

Merged those, thanks everyone. Though I wasn't sure what to do tiwht the Jean Simek Izzon one. Should the maiden name go as an anv rather than merging them?

I also propose to merge this merging thread into the other one?

Yes, I think the married name should be attached to the maiden name as it is a legal name. This way they will all get credit for their work all under one name.

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