Has something changed in the UI recently? When I search for something the results are displayed briefly, 1 second, and then all disappear. I'm using chrome on Android.

hey DrBoots, thank you for the feedback sorry to hear you are having trouble, we will look into this.

We've not been able to replicate the bug on other Android devices. Could you try opening this page in an incognito tab and see if you still have those problems

Interestingly that works. Does that mean it's "Just me"?

Interestingly that works.

Incognito tab works but normal tabs still don't? If so could you try relaunching Chrome?

Does that mean it's "Just me"?

It probably means that your browser is keeping some outdated things in it cache. Unfortunately it isn't as easy to bypass those on mobile as on desktop (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Bypass_your_cache)

Hmm unfortunately it no longer works in incognito either. Any other ideas?

Curiously I notice that browsing exhibits the same behaviour. If I click on superhero then I briefly am presented with the search results which then disappear :(

Hi DrBoots. We've pushed some changes to the card views, are you still having these problems? Do you get them on other browsers or devices as well?


I've just checked and I can confirm that the problem still happens but only on Android, using both the built-in browser and the official Chrome app.

This is puzzling, but I'm assuming it is an issue of caching outdated files in your browser sins we have not had other reports of this nor have we been able to replicate on Android / Chrome.

You could try following the instructions here: https://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache#Google_Chrome_on_Mobile_sub

Cached Images and Files is the option that needs to be checked (you should not have to clear other things)

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