Credit Guidelines

A Credit cannot be added on their own. The Credit is added when a book they contributed to is entered to the database.

The Profile field is used to give a description of the credit. History, biography, literary styles, etc. belong here. It must be written in clear English, devoid of hype, and as grammatically correct as possible. The first sentence should be a short overview of the credit for quick identification. The rest of the profile should be a concise and factual summary of the credit's career. The average profile should aim be around 150 words.


Recommended content for an Credit profile:

  • A neutral biography of the credit
  • Genre and styles the credit is known for
  • Any other historical information regarding the credit

Forbidden content for an Credit profile

Copy/pasted info from the internet, or any other copyrighted or credited material
Promotional wordings, or anything that could be perceived as hype
Profiles written in the first or second person
* Links that point towards external web sites

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