National Periodical Publications, Inc.

The corporation was originally two companies: National Allied Publications, Inc. (also known as National Allied Newspaper Syndicate, Inc.)[3] which was founded by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in autumn 1934[4][5][6][note 1] to publish New Fun, the first American comic book with all-original material rather than comic strip reprints, and Detective Comics, Inc.,[5] formed in 1937 with Wheeler-Nicholson and Jack S. Liebowitz listed as owners. Wheeler-Nicholson remained for a year before being forced out in 1938, and Detective Comics, Inc. purchased the remains of National Allied Publications.[7][8]:20

National Allied and Detective Comics, Inc. merged to become National Comics Publications, Inc. on September 30, 1946,[9] absorbing Max Gaines' and Liebowitz's All-American Publications as well.[8]:50[10] National Comics was renamed National Periodical Publications, Inc. in 1961.[8]:102[11][12]

Despite the official names "National Comics" and "National Periodical Publications", the company began branding itself as "Superman-DC" as early as the 1950s,[13] and it became known colloquially as DC Comics for years before the official adoption of that name in 1977.[14]

Industry Publishing
Re-branded as DC Comics in 1977
National Allied Publications
Detective Comics
All-American Publications
Successor DC Comics
Founded September 30, 1946
Defunct 1977
Headquarters New York City, U.S.
Key people
Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
Products Comic books
Parent Kinney National Company (1967–1972)
Warner Communications (1972–1977)


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