Mickey Mouse [PL]

One of the first western comic series published after fall of communism in Poland. Started in 1990, series undergone various transformation - first it was released monthly (in 1990 and 1991 irregularly, not every month), then at the beginning of 1993 it was biweekly (at the same moment when "Mickey Mouse PL" absorbed "Donald Duck PL", which stopped being issued).
In April/May 1994 it also ceased to be released - it was replaced by yet another periodical, this time successfully left for good (released to this day) - "Kaczor Donald" (which is a translation of "Donald Duck" to polish).

Release schedule:
1990 - 3 volumes
1991 - 10 volumes
1992 - 12 volumes
1993 - 26 (24 + 2 double volumes)
1994 - 8 volumes


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