The Grand Quest

  • Started: (United States) First appearance in Fantasy Quarterly
  • Ended: (United States) Last volume 2 issue

The Wolfriders, burned from their forest home by vengeful humans, set out to find more of their own kind, only to learn more than they dreamed possible.

1st Elfquest serie.
Volume 1 was originally published in 20 magazine-size comics by Warp Graphics, with an extra 21st issue containing drawings, sketches, etc.
Volume 2 is the same story in colored regular-size comics by Marvel with additional bridging pages.

Volume 1 has been colored and collected in 4 books by Starblaze Editions, and recollected in:
- Books 1-4 of the Father Tree Press "Complete Elfquest" collection,
- Books 1-4 of the Warp Graphics "Elfquest Reader's" collection,
- Books 1-4 of the DC Comics "Elfquest Archives" collection,
- Books 1-6 of the DC Comics "Elfquest DC Digest" collection,
- Book 1 of the Dark Horse "Complete Elfquest" collection.


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