• Started: (France) First Issue

Donjon is a fantasy comic books serie created by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar.
They are writing every stories, while drawing them with a lot af different artists.

It comprises 7 different sub-series:
- Donjon Zénith: story of the dungeon at its height,
- Donjon Crépuscule: story of the end of the dungeon,
- Donjon Potron-Minet: story of the birth of the dungeon,
- Donjon Parade: stories happening between lvl 1 & lvl 2,
- Donjon Monsters: stories centered around one character;
- Antipodes -: stories from the distant past,
- Antipodes +: stories from the distant future.

There is also a Donjon Bonus serie, with only one issue as of 2020, wich is a role playing game in the world of Terra Amata.


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