Blueberry is a western series created by the Belgian writer Jean-Michel Charlier and the French comics artist Jean Giraud, prior to adopting the name Moebius. The series features Mike Blueberry, born Michael Steven Donovan, a lieutenant in the United States Cavalry after the Civil War.

Charlier and Giraud also created a spin-off prequel series, Young Blueberry (La Jeunesse de Blueberry).

The series was released in France in 29 albums. Albums 1-4 were published in English by Egmont/Methuen in the UK under the seies title Lieutenant Blueberry. Epic Comics published English translations of albums 7-10 in three volumes as Lieutenant Blueberry 1-3; albums 11 and 12 in one volume as Marshall Blueberry; and albums 13-22 in five volumes as Blueberry 1-5. Albums 6 and 23 have also appeared in English. Albums 5 and 24-29 have not been translated into English.

Young Blueberry:


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