The Phantom Stranger

2nd Volume series 42 issues in this volume. Sixteen years after he faded into obscurity, the Phantom Stranger rematerialized in Showcase #80 before making his way back into his own series. Yet this dark traveler, whose true name, origins and mission remain unknown was very different to the one who disappeared in 1953. The original stranger was a debunker of the supernatural, but this one was drawn towards it, and possessed formidable powers of his own to combat it - on the occasions when he chose to involve himself in such affairs.The first issue of his own series, like Showcase #80, contained a new story that framed around reprint tales from both the Stranger's original series and Star Spangled Comics featuring Dr. Terrence Thirteen, also known as the Ghost - Breaker. The Ghost Breaker made a career out of disproving arcane activity and spent many issues of the series trying to reveal the Phantom Stranger as a charlatan. Although he never succeeded, he proved proficient at unraveling other unknown mysteries - albeit, ironically with the help of the Phantom Stranger.

The Phantom Stranger (Volume 4) was an ongoing series, published by DC Comics. It ran from 2012 until 2014. It starred Phantom Stranger.


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