Spidey Super Stories

Spidey Super Stories Vol 1: (1974-1982) (published by Marvel Comics). In conjunction with The Electric Company & Sesame Street productions on the Children's Television Network to encourage early age readers. The comics were produced without ads, used larger blocks and less & easier to pronounce words.
"Spidey Super Stories" is a live-action, recurring skit on the original version of the CTW series The Electric Company.[1] Episodes featured the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, provided to the Children's Television Workshop free of charge, and was played (always in costume) by puppeteer and dancer Danny Seagren.[2] It premiered during the premiere of The Electric Company's fourth (1974–1975) season, show 391. It predated the pilot film of the series The Amazing Spider-Man by three years, becoming the first live-action rendition of Spider-Man, and was the first live-action rendition of a Marvel character in any media since the Captain America serial of 1944.


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