All-Star Squadron

This series chronicles adventures of Golden-Age super-heroes in the Earth-Two dimension, set in the 1940's.
The All-Star Squadron was a series that featured the Justice Society fighting both crime and Nazi superagents alongside various Golden Age-era independent heroes of their once-native Earth-Two universe in the time period of 1942, with the expanded team of heroes called the All-Star Squadron—a concept later used in the DC Animated Universe's Justice League Unlimited series with modern-day heroes. Following the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Mekanique would show up and cause the new post-Crisis All-Star Squadron history to be held back until her mission was completed in 1942, then with the releasing of that history, the Golden Age versions of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Speedy would be forever erased. It was followed by a sequel series called The Young All-Stars, which focused on a subgroup of young teenagers with powers and abilities similar to those of the erased Golden Age heroes mentioned.


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