Isis was published on an irregular schedule from November of 1976 until January of 1979. Spanning only eight issues, the series featured the titular heroine of the 1975 Filmation television series, Isis.

Like the main character of the first half of the program, Captain Marvel, Isis had roots in ancient Egyptian mythology. The Secrets of Isis starred Joanna Cameron as Andrea Thomas, a high school science teacher who gains the ability to call upon the powers of the goddess Isis after finding an Egyptian amulet during an archeological dig in Egypt (this is revealed during the opening credits only; no "origin episode" was ever produced). Fifteen episodes of The Secrets of Isis were produced for The Shazam! Isis Hour, and the character also appeared in three episodes of the Shazam! portion of the show. The Secrets of Isis was given its own time slot in 1977, for which seven new episodes were broadcast alongside reruns from the first two seasons.

As a goddess within the DC Universe
In January 2002, DC Comics re-introduced the goddess Isis as one of the chief gods worshipped by the Bana-Mighdallian Amazons in the Wonder Woman comic. Although the Bana tribe was introduced in 1989, their gods were not shown until 2002. Her introduction depicted her in a standard white sleeveless gown and Egyptian headdress containing her trademark symbol. Later, the various Amazon gods were depicted as selecting more modern appearances for themselves. After this, Isis was then shown as wearing a black business suit with skirt, long straight black hair, and a neck choker containing an ankh.

The superhero Isis was re-introduced in the DC Universe in the weekly comic book 52, in issue #3 (May 2006).[1] In this series, an Egyptian woman named Adrianna Tomaz (an homage to the Andrea Thomas character on the television program) is a refugee who is enslaved and brought to Black Adam as a gift from Intergang along with $2,000,000 in gold. Upon freeing her and killing the emissaries who had brought her to him, Black Adam found her to be unafraid and highly vocal about how he could change his country for the better.


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