Plastic Man

Plastic Man (Volume One) was an ongoing series published by Quality Comics beginning in 1943 starring the title character, Plastic Man. It was acquired by DC Comics when DC bought Quality in 1956.

Plastic Man (Volume Two) began publishing in 1966 after DC gained the rights to the Plastic Man character from Quality Comics.

Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium states this entire volume is an appearance of Earth-Twelve.

Plastic Man (Volume Three) was a four issue limited series published in 1988.

Plastic Man (Volume Four) began publishing in 2004, and won an Eisner Award that year for Best New Series. It was both written and illustrated by Kyle Baker.

Plastic Man (Volume 5) is a limited series published in 2018 starring Plastic Man, following his reintroduction in Dark Nights: Metal and The Terrifics (Volume 1).


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